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What are your normal hours of operation?

Most of our locations are open 24/7 for your convenience.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all Major Credit Cards (MasterCard, VISA, AMEX and Discover) as well as cash and personal checks (with proper ID). We also accept a number of gasoline Credit Cards such as Texaco/Chevron (see pumps at each location for additional card acceptance).

What brand of gasoline do you carry?

We carry Texaco brand products exclusively.

Who owns the Kent Kwik stores?

The Kent Kwik stores are a member of The Kent family of Companies. They are 100% locally owned by Bill Kent. They were founded by his father, Buck Kent, in 1957.

How many Kent Kwik stores are there?

At the present time, there are 36 Kent Kwik stores and 3 Kent Travel Centers. They are spread out from Guymon, Oklahoma north to Ft. Stockton, Texas south, and from Big Lake, Texas east to Alamogordo, New Mexico west. They are primarily located in the Midland/Odessa, Texas area, with 19 locations.

What are the benefits of working for the Kent Companies?

We offer many benefits, including medical and dental insurance, paid vacations and sick pay, and a 401(k) plan with a company match. All benefits are available for full and part-timers.

What is the starting pay?

Our starting pay is competitive with the appropriate market of operation. We also have salaried pay programs available for our assistant managers and managers.

What are my chances for promotion?

We attempt whenever possible to promote from within. Most of our store managers started at an entry-level position, either as an hourly service representative or an assistant manager in training.

How often do we pay?

We pay every week on Monday. Direct deposit is available in Midland/Odessa at approved credit unions.

What duties would I have working in a Kent Kwik location?

First and foremost, our Team Members’ main responsibility is to serve our Guests (customers) at the cash register, giving them fast and friendly service. When there are no Guests to serve, other responsibilities include cleaning (including restrooms and floors) and stocking (including refrigerated vaults.) In addition, we pride ourselves on the outside of our stores, so you would be expected to clean gas equipment, pick up trash, and restock window washing equipment as needed. There is also a small amount of paperwork that is required; for example, balancing your register at the end of your shift.

What does a Kent Kwik manager do?

In addition to acting as a service representative as needed, managers also are responsible for ordering product, completing daily paperwork, making work schedules, and the ongoing development of their Team Members.

What is the MIT/AMIT program?

Although we try to promote from within, at times our needs are such that we hire people with significant management experience in retail or similar industries. These people are given a month of intensive training on our management procedures. Upon completion, they are usually assigned to a location as an assistant manager, and occasionally, even as a store manager.

Can I pick the store I want to work in?

With the cost of gas going up, we try as much as possible to assign Team Members to the store closest to where they live. If there is no opening at the closest store, we put them at another store where there is an opening. Transfers are possible in the future when openings occur.

Do I get a discount working for Kent Kwik?

Although we are able to charge up to $50 a week in merchandise (that is deducted from our next paycheck), at the present time there are no discounts. We can drink fountain drinks, coffee, and cappuccino at no charge while we are on duty. We also get two ½ price coupons annually to use at our sister company, Avis Lube. Finally, we can cash our paychecks for a low fee of 50 cents at our sister company, Mr. Payroll.

What hours are the Kent Kwik stores open?

We have several stores open 24 hours a day. For stores not open 24 hours, the hours vary. We open as early as 5 AM, and close as late as 1 AM. Our foodservice operations are also open variable hours.

How dangerous is it to work in a Kent Kwik store?

We pride ourselves on having a safe and secure workplace. All of our stores are equipped with modern video surveillance equipment, with most having interactive ability. There are also silent alarms in every store. Although no guarantees can be made regarding safety in the workplace, our experience has been a very low incidence of armed robberies. Extensive training is conducted in safety and security procedures.

How many people work per shift?

Our labor coverage is dictated by the volume of customers we serve. Most of our stores are busy enough to have at least two people per shift, and sometimes three. If a store has a drive-thru, there are always two Team Members on duty. There are some neighborhood stores that have one person per shift.

Do the Kent Companies support the community?

We get involved in every community we operate in. Over the years, we have contributed over a half a million dollars to Easter Seals and the American Diabetes Association. In addition, every year we have a golf tournament that donates money to various local charities.

Would Kent Kwik work around my school schedule?

As we are open 24 hours a day in several stores, we are able to be flexible in our scheduling. We encourage our Team Members to go to school, and even offer tuition reimbursement programs to assist those who want to attend college. As with all Team Members, the more hours you are available to work gives us the ability to schedule you more hours.