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79 Cent Fountain Drinks Are Back!

The Kent Companies announced the exciting news that the .79 cent fountain drinks are back for the summer. The event will continue throughout the 2018 summer at all locations in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.

This great promotion is the best in town and not just because you can get a 32 ounce for just .79 cents, but for many other reasons. Kent Kwik is known for many amazing features and just one of them would be the chewable ice that the fountain drinks have. All the drinks and ice are made from R/O water, which is a fan-favorite. Since the ice is made from R/O water this ensures that the fountain drink is clean and delicious. The price of these 79 cent fountain drinks are unbeatable anywhere you go. Even against our competitors, the price is still the lowest in town. The multiple drink combinations that you can create are endless with flavor shots of vanilla, cherry, lime, and even at some locations a boost of energy can be added for that extra kick in the day for no extra charge.  

After a long, hard day of work you can stop in at any Kent Kwik location to grab an ice-cold 32 ounce fountain drink to get the caffeine kick you deserve to finish off the rest of your day all for less than one dollar. Just think back to how the hot summer heat drains your energy and how great an iced cold tea or a refreshing fountain drink replenishes your quench of thirst. That is what Kent Kwik is all about, helping our guests and providing affordable prices, especially with the awesome promotion of .79 cent fountain drinks!!